The Iberian Peninsula – two fashion worlds apart

On the third day of Madrid Fashion Week we still get the idea that there is a lot to be done in order do get the two countries in the Iberian Peninsula closer to eachother. So far, only one Portuguese designer has made it to the Madrid Fashion Week. His name is Ricardo Andrez and the reason why he was able to show his collections in Madrid is because he presented the best collection in Barcelona, in a contest for young designers. As for Portugal. only Custo Barcelona and Amaya Arzuaga showed their stuff in the Lisbon Fashion Week. Hopefully things will change one day and Madrid will be able to see the work of Portuguese designers such as Luis Buchinho, Ana Salazar, José António Tenente, Maria Gambina, Alves/Gonçalves or Felipe Oliveira Baptista; as for Lisbon, it would be great to see there the wonderful work of spanish designers such as Sita Murt, Davidelfin, Roberto Verino, Nicolás Vaudelet  or Duyos.

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