Jean Dujardin plays unfaithful sexist man

The streets of Paris are full of large posters announcing the new movie starring Jean Dujardin, the French actor awarded with the Oscar for best male actor in the movie “The Artist”. “Les Infideles” is composed by seven interlinked short movies and directed by seven different directors. It tells the story of two men, plaid by Jean Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche, and their tales of infidelity and will certainly become a star of the box office this Spring, considering the worldwide popularity of Jean Dujardin and that of Gilles Lellouche, a popular actor in France.
The movie has caused some aggravation given the content which is considered highly machist and sexist and has even led the French authorities to ban some of the posters featuring Jean Dujardin and a woman with her legs up.
In times like these it takes courage to come up with a comedy like this, considering all the pressure groups raising their voice and exerting their powers to ban content that may eventually shock some audiences. But this has not stopped the movie from reaching the movie theatres and from becoming a huge success in the first week in the French cinemas.

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