Tribute to Fad Gadget’s Frank Tovey in New York

Fad Gadget was one of the most influential bands, formed in 1979, and Frank Tovey a remarkable performer. “Fireside Favorites” with its nervous synth sound and the fabulous voice and lyrics by Tovey is among the top ten albums here in the Trendenz list.

Ten years after the death of Fad Gadget’s frontman, New York is paying the rightful tribute to this man and his band. Envoy Enterprises, NP Contemporary and the record label Mute are organizing a large scale event comprising exhibitions with works inspired by Fad Gadget by Erika Keck, Terence Koh and Fisherspooner, among others, live performances and the premiere in the USA of the movie “Fad Gadget” by Frank Tovey himself.

This Spring will mark also the release of “An Introduction to…Fad Gadget” by Mute, to bring us back to the work of this band which plaid a huge influence in electronic bands ever since. Depeche Mode are among the bands acknowledging the importance of this band in their career.

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