The beautifulness of “Beautifulless”

Plates with faulty pieces used for decoration purposes is the new venture by the French designer Sam Baron who came up with the idea of using broken plates which are usually disposed and turning them into objects of art. This designer has been working for many years now with the Portuguese company Vista Alegre and is work consists in giving plates, cups and trays et all a more contemporary touch, without affecting this company DNA, reinterpreting patterns and shapes and coming up with interesting details.

In his new project “Beautifulless” he uses broken plates that he finds lying around in the factory floor, applies rather similar decorative patterns and designs from the Vista Alegre repertoire, thus adding a new sense of style and turning something less beautiful into remarkable and beautiful objects you can buy in sets of 6 and hang on your walls.

This project relies in the collaboration of Nilufar which has launched the project Unlimited with the aim to take a myriad of objects, reinventing them and coming up with new approaches.

A word of advice from the designer for those intending to buy these plates from the “Beautifulless” collection: these are fragile pieces of art which are only there for decoration purposes. Do not use them for food, wash tem only by hand and keep them out of reach of children.

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