The Sónar adventure in the land of Samba

The acclaimed electronic and advanced music festival has conquered the heart and soul of Brazilian in its first venture in this country. 31,000 people took to Sónar São Paulo to see the likes of Kraftwerk, Modeselektor, James Blake, Justice, Flying Lotus, Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Squarepusher and Brazilian names such as Emicida, Dago, Psilosamples, Ricardo Donoso and DJ Marky vs Dj Patife. Parque Anhembi was the venue chosen to host in May 11 and 12 fifty shows on 3 stages of which Krafwerk and Sakamoto were the most acclaimed, along with the wild beats and the sounds of Modeselekor and Squarepusher.

Under the same format of its main event which takes place every year in Barcelona and which attracts 90,000 on average to this Catalan city, Sónar draws a very positive balance from Sónar São Paulo, the biggest event so far outside the Spanish borders. Sónar has hosted until now 31 events around the world since 2002. London, Lisbon, Hamburg, Tokyo, Rome, Buenos Aires and New York were some of the cities covered. But none of these events has had the dimension of Sónar in São Paulo, a city were this festival hosted a smaller event in 2004.

Brazil has been raising its profile in recent years and musically is keen on proving that it is not just the land of Samba and Bossa Nova but also a place where all music combinations are possible. A proof of the importance of events like this was given by the country’s government which designated Sónar São Paulo “a cultural event of national interest” not only given the presence of some of the biggest names in international modern music but also given the chance it provided to show new Brazilian talents to the world, considering that this event was broadcasted on Youtube.

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