Francis Montesinos dresses Spanish Wine Reymos

Valencian fashion designer presented, along with Anecoop Bodegas, the new design for the Reymos 1918 wine, the first “Brut Nature Muscatel”. The design for this limited edition was presented at the Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion some hours before the show by the very same Montesinos where he, once again, came up with a show of colour, patterns, and cool knitwear.
Fashion and wine go often hand in hand in the Madrid Fashion Week: Veteran designer Roberto Verino, the first to show his collections on the first day, has been producing wine for ten years under the name Bodegas Gargalo.
The somehow offbeat fashion designer Amaya Arzuaga comes from a wine producing family and uses her fashion shows also to promote her wines.
Ion Fiz, a designer from Burgos used in the past the occasion to present wine from his region, and the cool  Sara Coleman teamed up this time with Bodegas Muga during the most recent Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week.
This is a rather clever strategy for a wine-producing country like Spain and a nice way to promote this country’s wine. Stay tuned for more updates on wine and fashion :).

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