Book a table at "Book"

Located in the center of Oporto, “Book” is a pleasant surprise for those seeking a different atmosphere. Located in Rua de Aviz, Nr 10, where once was the bookstore Aviz, the restaurant thus follow the trend in this particular part of Oporto of recovering old stores and buildings and giving them new uses with contemporary touches and vintage looks.
As you enter shelves plenty of books bring you back to the original spirit of the place – a bookstore. aside from the shelves, books are scattered all over the place, among dishes, knifes and forks. Even the menu comes in a small piece of paper inside a random book.
“Book”is the right place for dinner before heading to the many bars that flock the area of for a quiet lunch the day after. Try the delicious pea soup with bits of blood sausage, the grilled octopus with sweet potato and the fine Portuguese red wines.

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