David Bowie’s Heroes celebrates 35 years

It is one of the most iconic albums by David Bowie and contains “Heroes”, the title track that has become an hymn for some generations. The album was recorded in Berlin at the Hansa Studios right next to the Berlin Wall and together with Low and Lodger forms the Berlin trilogy, for many, and Trendenz also, the best in Bowie’s career, along with Scary Monsters which would be recored years later but still retains the Berlin influences and the Kraftwerk influenced electronic sound. 35 five years later “Heroes”, “Neukoln”,  “The Secret life of Arabia” or “Sense of doubt” remain timeless masterpieces and a bring us back to the cold war days of West Berlin, an isolated city at the time but whose isolation has contributed to a brilliant set of songs like these. Aside from the musical genius, thanks to a great extent to the influence of Brian Eno, Heroes is thus both a musical and historical document

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