Countdown for Lisbon Fashion Week

Lisbon Fashion Week is scheduled for March 8, 9 and 10. The shows will take place at Pátio da Galé right by the magnificient 36 000 sq m Praça do Comércio, one of the biggest in Europe .
The 40th edition of Moda Lisboa, as it is commonly known, will feature shows by 18 Portuguese fashion designers and a guest designer from Poland.
The shows start with the collections by Valentim Quaresma (see pictures), one of the most talented jewellers in the country and whose iconic creations can be found in Paris in Lisbon, Paris, Germany, England, Holland, New Zealand or Australia and online at
He was for 20 years the man in charge of the jewellery adorning the designs for Ana Salazar, the pioneer of Portuguese modern fashion design, working in parallel in his own collections and using all kinds of materials, “turning simple objects into refined and luxurious items”.

Ricardo Dourado, Alexandra Moura, Nuno Gama, Ricardo Andrez, Luis Buchinho,  Aleksandar Protic, Pedro Pedro, White Tent and V!tor are some of the names Trendenz will be closely watching in this edition. These fashion designers have been developing and highly consistent body of work, hence expectations are high.

The motto for this edition is Trust: “Trust because we cannot stop. We believe in the work of Fashion in Portugal. And we are good. Trust, because with the right people, on the right path, under the right light, we will provide visibility to new netowrks, new content, new ideas, new businesses”, reads Moda Lisboa manifesto.

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