David Bowie joined by Tilda Swindon in new video

“The Stars (Are Around Tonight)” is Bowie’s second single from the upcoming album “The Next Day”, due to arrive in stores on the second week of March. The movie features the acclaimed british actress Tilda Swindon and in some parts it does bring us somehow to the imagery of “The Hunger”, a movie directed by Tony Scott and starring also Catherine Deneuve. Some might say that Bowie too got entangled in the new vampiresque trend, but the man did venture in the world of vampires in 1983 with that French actress in what some claimed was the ideal vampire pair, perfectly fit for the role of a life hungry couple.
In this movie Swindon and Bowie play an older couple whose quiet life is disturbed by a young band formed by kids in typicall Bowie-fashionable attire. The video is a beautiful display of pop and fashion and aesthetic imagery. As for the music and despite the high expectactions, it does not bring us to closer to the universe of “Heroes” or “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” but rather to the sound of “Black Tie White Noise” or “Never Let Me Down”, considered by many the least inspired of all Bowie albums.
While the first single was indeed a great song, the second single “The Stars (Are Around Tonight)” did not meet the expectations. We will have to wait for the whole album to confirm whether “The Next Day” marks indeed a great comeback.

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