Lust for Life – A movie on Berlin, Bowie, Iggy and creativity

David Bowie and Iggy Pop take centre stage in a movie on 70’s Berlin to be released in 2016.

bowie and iggy

The lives of David Bowie and Iggy Bowie in this city are at the center of a movie which will be there to portray creativity in the divided city of Berlin. The movie will be directed by Gabriel Range and the rebel rebel pair is to feature profusely in this biopic considering their role as some of the most iconic rock stars in the history of Berlin subculture.
David Bowie, who joined Iggy Pop in this city, and who produced some of the best records by this wild iguana, has to thank Berlin for having provided the inspiration for three of his best albums: Low, Heroes and Lodger. These three works of art are filled with references to the city both in the cold sound landscapes created in close collaboration with Brian Eno and in the title tracks that bring us to the Berlin imagery: “Art Decade”, “Neuköln, “Secret Life of Arabia”, “Warzawa”.

Berlin and the decadence of the city features also in Bowie’s movie career, e.g. in “Just a Gigolo” a relatively unknown movie set in Post World War I and featuring also the German icon Marlene Dietrich. The movie was actually the actress last appearance on screen.
Much can be said of Bowie, and Iggy’s, Berlin period in Schöneberg, the part of the city they used to live in. The capital of German is set to make a new comeback in the chameleon’s life and seems to have left a mark in his life, considering the somehow longing feeling expressed in “Where are we now” the single which marks the return of David Bowie after ten years.

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