Madrid hosts landmark Dalí exhibition



Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid hosts as of today one of the most comprehensive exhibitions on the work by the iconic surrealist painter and artist Salvador Dalí. After Paris, it is now Madrid’s turn to host a major exhibition by the man who brought surrealist art to a new level and who brought it closer to the general public thanks to a body of work than covered nearly all forms of artistic expression. Salvador Dalí’s work spans  from painting to performance, through sculpture, visual arts and firms of artistic intervention. This is a man who “used himself as an object of study and whose actions in the public sphere, either calculated or improvised, place him as reference point in contemporary representation”, according to the exhibition programme.


Dalí. All of the poetic suggestions and all of the plastic possibilities”, the title of this exhibition, was taken from “San Sebastian”, an article Dalí wrote in 1927 and couldn’t have been a better title to summarise the content of this major event. The exhibition, which stars today and can be visited until the beginning of September 2 at Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, features a selection of more than two hundred works, chronogically divided into eleven sections. This selection of his works is there to “rethink the weight of Salvador Dalí in the history of art in the 20th Century” according to both Museo Reina Sofia and Centre Pompidou which teamed up and organised this exhibition.



This a good opportunity to see the work by this extravagant Catalan who loved to walk the streets of Figueres as a true king with his court of fans and followers. A chance to see his initial works, the scenography he created for movie makers  like Luis Buñuel, Alfred Hitchcock or Walt Disney. And the possibility to admire the works he developed after the 1960’s and which show his passion for technology that has led him to explore new languages.



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