Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity

The Twitter and Facebook community knows him well. This Canadian astronaut has been twitting and sending images from earth taken from the International Space Station where he has been on a mission.  Chris Hadfield followers this have been having the privilege to get images from Earth on a regular basis, taken by a man whose routine was to fly above our heads. But that will soon be over as Chris will be landing tonight on Earth.

As a sort of farewell to the time spend in space at the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield recorded his own particular version of Space Oddity, the Bowie song used as the soundtrack for the TV broadcast of the first landing on the Moon in 69. Chris altered slightly the lyrics to adapt it to his own personal tale but the melody of the song is there, with this Canadian showing nice singing skills. David Bowie official page on Facebook refers to the song as “The most poignant version of Space Oddity ever recorded” and features a extensive article on the song.

By the time you read this Chris Hadfield will already home, as he will land tonight after a long mission. After this hugely publicised video, his agenda will surely be a busy one, as everyone will want to hear not only his story but also his rendition of Space Oddity which has made him a true  21st Century Major Tom  .

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