Use and re-use your Instagram photos


Have you ever wondered what to do with your Instagram photos? As of now there is a way to put them to good use. Why not print them in stickers and use them wherever you want?

Reusegram is the name of a new project by three Portuguese young entrepreneurs who created an online store offering the possibility of printing your Instagram photos in special reusable stickers that can be easiy sticked, removed and sticked again wherever you want. For € 11.49 you can get four 74mm stickers; nine 48mm stickers; or twenty-five 27 mm stickers containg your selected Instagram photos. All this without the need to logout from Instagram, as you can upload these  photos straight from your Instagram profile to Reusegram’s online shop (


Teresa Fortunato, Catarina Rodrigues da Silva and Nuno Caetano are the names of the three founders of Reusegram, an appealing service for  an increasing number of Instagram user. “As Instagram users we quickly realised that these memorabable moments should not be confined to the Instagram feed alone. That is why we created ReuseGram, so that these images can decorate your house, your office, your car, your accessories… creativity is the limit!”, said Teresa Fortunato, one of the founders of this project.


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