Come to the Daftside


Nicolas Jaar and David Harrington, two Djs and musicians also known for their work under the name Darkside, have released their own remixes of entire Daft Punk’s most recent album “Randon Access Memories”. Under Daftside they came up with their own remixes, thus granting a more 21st century to the rather 1970’s sound by the French duo. These 14 remixes provide a wide range of new proposals to the original album, staying true somehow to the mood of the album, but with pints of dub and downtempo and new sound proposals. For  those who can’t stand “Get Lucky” anymore and prefer the more muscular sound of Daft Punk without the funky vocals, this set of remixes comes with an instrumental version.

Some claim this is a parody, others claim this is just a comm DJ exercise. This saga has just begun as Daft Punk themselves are expected to launch their own remixes to “Random Access Memories”. Don’t miss the Daft sequel in a club or radio near you. Meanwhile hear the full Daftside remixes here:



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