A great shopping experience in the Algarve


Trendenz moved away from the big cities this August and settled for three weeks in the sunny region of the Algarve. Like most tourists and residents we enjoyed the lovely weather and the fabulous beaches in the region. Seafood, clubbing and lounging were some of the regular activities we engaged in. But there is one thing we never fail to do every time we take to the south of Portugal and that is to linger in the beautiful city of Faro. After a relaxing lunch under a superb blackberry tree right in the center, away from the tourist crowds, we took to Rua de Santo António for our usual visit to António Manuel for some quality shopping.


Located in the charming main shopping street António Manuel Personal Concept Clothing Store is a breath of fresh air for those looking for top quality brands. Boss, Armani, Gucci , Etro and  Dolce and Gabbana are some of the brands we can find here. But it’s not for the big names that we like to come here. After all, these brands can easily be found elsewhere in Portugal. The good thing about António Manuel is the clever selection of items which make the difference when compared to other stores offering the same brands in Portugal.


Established in this street since the 1950’s, this store started its operation selling fabric, having adapted its concept and strategy according to the needs of the region. Ever since it began selling menswear and womenswear António Manuel has become the right place to go for women looking for an exclusive evening dress and men looking for a tuxedo or a formal jacket for glamorous parties. After the seventies the Algarve changed and ever more people began flocking to this region. The days when people travelled with an armada of suitcases are long gone, and many tourist now travel light, shopping along according to the needs and the occasion.


Peter is one of these tourists travelling light whose need to buy a formal blazer for a special party took him here. He is a regular in the Algarve and came here for the first time three years ago upon  indication by an English friend. “I went for a black Boss blazer and my wife has an eye on a fabulous Gucci she just saw”, Peter said, referring also the “remarkable and professional service”. This store is also household name for those living in the Algarve. While lingering in Faro we spoke to Teresa, now a retired nurse, who used to shop for clothes there in the early days of her career: “I remember buying some gorgeous jeans with glitter details in the back and a gorgeous knitwear outfit. It was so beautiful that one day when traveling to Spain I was asked whether I would like to sell it. Of course i didn’t, I recommended the store instead”. Heritage, modernity and good customer care is also one of the great aspects of the three António Manuel Personal Concept Clothing Stores and its professional staff capable to quickly identifying both you size and your taste. Next time you are in the Algarve do not miss the opportunity to visit these stores and to be pampered by Mr. Sotero and team, or visit www.antoniomanuel.pt.

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