The Alien from Down Under

“I’m your machine” is the most recent single by George Pappas, aka Alien Skin, who became better known for his work as the synth player from 80’s band Real Life, the very same Australian band who released the mega hit “Send me an Angel”. The album follows the release of “The Secret Garden”, Alien Skin’s 4th album where he stays true to the synth soundscapes, revealing influences that span from Depeche Mode to David Sylvian and synth guru Gary Numan and other names from the cold-wave and post cold-wave era.
“I’m Your Machine” and “Prisoner of the Tower” are “bundled as one double sided single, i.e. 2 tracks for the price of one, as in the old days of vinyl single releases”, Alien Skin said, further adding that this “this is an interesting idea that I may continue. “I’m Your Machine” is remniscent to the work done under Alien Skin and according to George Papas “borrows from the films ‘Westworld’ & ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and entertains my love of vocoders & science fiction”. For more Alien Skin check is site and enjoy the great soundscapes of this man from Down Under.

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