Geox goes Camotartan


The leading Italian shoe manufacturer joined young Korean designer Yong Bae Seok and launched a capsule collection of bags in Camotartan, a brand new print blending Scottish and African patterns.

The continent of vast landscapes, sand and desert where camouflage play an important world when it comes to survival in the jungle, the savanna or in the sad conflicts afflicting many countries joins the land of tartan. The result is Carmotartan, a brand new print designed by Yong Bae Seok and which this Korean designer is now applying in Geox bags. The result of this collaboration is a capsule collection of faux leather bags for all daily needs, from clutches to bowling bags or satchel bags. These products blending Brit-Punk style tartan with army-safari mood will soon reach Geox flagship stores worldwide.


By teaming up with this Korean designer, Geox pursues is relentless quest for new ideas and materials, after having invented the famous breathing shoe thanks to its punctured shoe soles, later extending this invention to its apparel line. After the shoe and clothes that breathe, the brand focused on Amphibiox, its line of water repellent shoes and clothes for everyday needs. The company went even further, designing a breathing building in Milan, the Breathing Palace, a Geox flagship store where the same ideas applied to its products were put to use to control the room temperature.


Yong Bae Seok is the second major addition to the range of designers working together with Geox. Patrick Cox is one of these designers with a lasting and close cooperation with Geox, of which we would like to highlight the “Patrick Cox designed for Geox” range of shoes with high shine patents, degrade mix of materials and playful exaggerations when it comes to details and the glittery gold shoes purpose designed for Elton John. Yong Bae, who completed his degree in industrial design at the Hansung University in Seoul, having moved to Italy where he studied at the Istituto Europeo del Design in Torino has a young but highly successful designer, having worked for D&G and Dolce&Gabbana designing this brand’s casual and sneaker collections. After this on 2010 he opened his own design studio having these days Bally, Geox and Diesel among his main clients. In 2013 he developed Carmotartan, his registered print which can now see in the new Geox capsule collection.

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