Morellato launches international jewelry contest

Morellato Campaña Sara Sampaio

Italian jewelry brand teams up with 080 Barcelona Fashion and launches international talent competition on the lookout for young talents worldwide. The winner will be offered a paid internship at the brand’s creative offices in Milan.

 Student of design or fashion schools from all over the world are the target of a major competition launched by Morellato together with 080 Barcelona Fashion, the organisers of the fashion week in the capital of Catalonia. This international competition was announced in the recent edition of this event and those interested in joining in are to submit their application and personal data to until March 31, after which they will receive a briefing with all the indications pertaining to the participation in this international competition. Designs are to be submitted in April and May and, as of June 1st a jury formed by a number of personalities from Custo Dalmau to Aurora Segura, fashion editor of La Vanguardia, or Paola Saltary of Italian Vanity Fair, just to name a few, will then come up with a decision as to the 10 best proposals. The final winner will be announced at the summer edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion and will be offered the possibility to do a paid three-month internship for € 4.000 at the Morellato creative offices in Milan.

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With this competition Morellato aims at developing jewelry whose value does not rest alone on the added value of materials such as gold or diamonds but also on the added value of design and that is why it has high hopes on the creative potential of young designers and their capacity to interpret current trends and to come up with the right offer for modern consumers. This competition could be a good opportunity to work for a brand dating back to the end of the I World War, when Giulio Morellato opened a timepiece jewellery store with his brother, later moving also to the production and selling leather watch straps at a time when wristwatches started becoming common place. Before the turn of this century the company launched a jewellery line under the motto “Morellato. Jewels to be lived” aimed at making it a symbol of modern luxury to be lived day after day, using new materials such as steel, pearls and natural stones. Thanks to its wide-ranging approach in the jewellery market the company has been able to secure a € 193 million turnover in 2011, having expanded its range of stores. The company now has 14 stores in Italy, 34 in China and 13 in the rest of Europe, including Barcelona. As for Barcelona, the city has the ambition to make a name as the city that is there to support young talents and is now focused on making 080 Barcelona Fashion an event combining young talents and established brands and designers.


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