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Upcycling is the concept behind a new store in downtown Lisbon offering remade and remodelled second-hand items.

New Waste is the name of a brand new store at Rua da Prata in Lisbon with an environmental friendly proposal. Upon entering the store we come across a vast array of objects and clothing items that have been entirely reshaped, thus gaining a new life. Think of an old shirt cleverly transformed in a bag you to take to the beach or a lamp made of old beer cans. Susana Korn and Carla Belchior are the creative minds involved in this project. Used textile material or at the end of its lifecycle is remodelled and adapted according to the current trends. The end result is a vast selection of truly unique items and clever details.

new waste shirt

Upcycling is the name of this process consisting in putting an object or clothing item to new use without using fossil fuels or industrialised processes. “The idea is not to destroy a beer can a beer can and use the aluminium to make a new car. That’s recycling. The aim is rather to make a new lamp out of and old can instead of buying a new lamp”, reads the store’s press release. For their first collection Susana and Carla have used damaged and oversized cycling shirts to create wonderful dresses, for example. Visit New Waste and find that unique remodelled item that suits your taste.

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