Orchestral Manoeuvres

Iconic new romantic band Visage releases orchestral version of some of their major hits. The album features rearranged versions of “Fade To Grey”, “Damned don’t cry” and many others, backed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

The year 2014 has been fruitful for Visage, the band fronted by Steve Strange, the man most people associate with the new romantic movement. After the release of their a new album in decades, the band engaged in a promotional tour, having been invited to perform in March 2014 at the closing ceremony of the World Ski Jumping Championship in Prague. But instead of just using synthesizers they went further and teamed up with the Czech Synthosymphonica Orchestra. The result was a handful of songs mixing electronic and philharmonic sounds, opening up the way for the recording a full album with orchestral arrangement of twelve songs by this electro-pop band. Under the name “Orchestral”, the album was released this month offering versions of “Fade to Grey”, “The Damned don’t cry” or “Love Glove”, taking this songs to a new audience without scaring old fans considering that, aside from the addition of an orchestra, these songs remain pretty much the same.

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