The man who waved goodbye

wave goodbye Once there was this man who waved goodbye at those passing by in a square in Lisbon. Then he died and hundreds of people took to his spot and waved him goodbye.

There he was every single night waving goodbye at the cars and the people passing by. He was nearly 80 and taking to the street and waving goodbye was a way to fight his own solitude. Good looking, with cool spectacles, he was an extremely polite person. Born and raised in a wealthy family he was someone accustomed to interact with people. The rest of the story is there for you and me to imagine. But those who drove by, especially at night, on their way to the clubs of central Lisbon, will always remember him as he reminded young people they should not drink while driving. No one was indifferent to this man standing tall in that square.People talked to him and he was good at talking to people in a city where, like so many modern cites, people do not seem to have time to stop and talk to each other. And one day new came out that he had died and out of the blue two hundred people headed to that very same square where he used to stand and all waved goodbye, as he did, to everyone passing by. It was a good way to pay tribute to this man who, by waving goodbye, reminded everyone of the need to say Hi!!.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

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