The David Bowie App

On the day of his birthday David Bowie’s legacy reaches smartphones worldwide via a new app, an official augmented reality adaptation of the legendary exhibition David Bowie Is.

David Bowie is more alive than ever through the thousands of tributes to the man who would be 72 today and died at the beginning of 2016 thus making the second week of January inevitably the Bowie Week. Two years ago, he gave us a strange present on the day of his birthday, a true rise and fall of David Bowie in one go as he would leave us two days after the release of his gospel named “Blackstar”. Books, magazines, radio and TV shows all focused on the life of the most important pop icon of all times along with an exhibition which started at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London while he was still alive and took to cities like São Paulo, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris or New York. With the help of headphones that would play songs corresponding to different periods as you approached the relevant section of the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to dive deep in Bowie’s universe, admiring some of the costumes he wore on stage, lyrics, notes and assorted pictures. Trendenz saw this very same exhibition in Berlin, where a further section was added focusing on the Bowie’s Berlin years and where he recorded some of his most important albums, and words can hardly describe the mix of sensations and emotions as we went through the different rooms.

Brooklyn was the last leg of this exhibition and for those who missed the opportunity The David Bowie Archive, Sony Entertainment (Japan) and Planeta released an App availabe as of today on IOS and Android platforms. This app features over 400 high resolution captures of David Bowie’s costumes, sketches, handwritten lyrics, notes, and more in striking immersive settings introduced and narrated by David Bowie’s close friend Gary Oldman. Nothing compares the sensation of being in a room surrounded by everything Bowie, but considering that this exhibition seems to have stopped in Brooklyn, and while no decision is made to extend it to other places and museums, you may now explore the full exhibit in the intimacy of your own environment in a stunning augmented reality app and take Bowie everywhere on our smartphone.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

There’s a light that never goes out

Lisbon Fashion Week celebrates its October edition under the motto Luz (Light) on a new venue, this time in the heart of one of Lisbon’s most beautiful parks thus shining again a light through fashion on iconic places and buildings in the Portuguese capital.

Twenty three fashion shows by both Portuguese designers and brands and a pop-up store offering national products mark the October edition of Moda Lisboa as the Lisbon Fashion Week is better known, the name of the association in charge of this event since 1991. Pavilion Carlos Lopes on Parque Eduardo VII is the new venue for the shows that start on Friday 6 with Patrick de Padua, a designer who focus on menswear with a twist for club nights and laidback days. The show goes on with Duarte, followed by Sangue Novo where new talents will show their designs, followed by Lidija Kolovrat who combines her fine art of print with garments with avant-garde attitude, the very same avant-garde penchant that is there in the jewels designed by Valentim Quaresma who follows next and who, after decades focusing mostly on metal has been betting recently on different materials. The first day ends with Ricardo Preto known for his  fine tailoring for men and women.

Saturday kicks off with Imauve + Carolina Machado followed by David Ferreira, the designer famed for his extravaganza on the catwalk and who caught the eye of Björk, the Icelandic gnome who wore one his dresses at a concert in London in 2016. Awaytomars show is scheduled for 4.30 P.M. where you will be given the opportunity to see the result of the joint work of this project that gathers creative minds from all over the world. Nuno Gama comes next, one of the most renowned menswear designers in the country and who cleverly combines his fine tailoring with national imagery for contemporary men. After this star of menswear comes Aleksandar Protic who sure knows how to design relaxed but elegant garments for women. Come October temperatures are usually still high for the beachwear of Brazilian brand Cia. Maritima. Ricardo Andrez comes next with his elegant and modern interpretations of menswear that have conquered the heats and mind in Spain where he was awarded both prizes and showed his collections before becoming a regular presence at Moda Lisboa. Christophe Sauvat comes after with his garments that attract a growing boho audience. Day two ends with Dino Alves, a designer famous for his regular work in the area of performing arts dressing a myriad of artists for number of shows, events and the lot.

Day three begins with Morecco followed by Nair Xavier x Diniz Cruz where we will be given the opportunity to see what has changed in Nair’s work considering her work with the brand Dielmar where she improved her tailoring skills. Around 4 P.M. shoes take centre stage with the show by shoe brand Eureka, a brand known for regularly inviting Portuguese designers to develop shoes for its stores and which offers great designs at affordable prices. Shows continue with Olga Noronha, followed by Nadir Tati and later with Luis Carvalho who focused on the 70/80’s new wave last season. The show by menswear store Mustra precedes the show by Filipe Faísca the designer who masters the fine art of making women look extremely sexy with his designs.

In-between shows Wonder Room gives you the opportunity to see and buy Portuguese design from men’s grooming by Antiga Barbearia de Bairro, shirts with a vintage touch by Daniela Ponto Final or groovy bags by Fluo just to name a few.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

Out and about in Lisbon

Iphone Pics 061 Lisbon is definitely the place to visit. The global village of the moment considering the number of foreigners from all walks of life flocking here.

The best way to arrive in Lisbon is by plane and we recommend the national airline, the best in the world, now partly owned by a Brazilian, but such is life in the capitalist world.. Taxi is the best option to arrive in the city centre and the cost of a ride in a Mercedes driven by a local is around 10 euros. Despite some bad publicity and the voices from the competition, most of the drivers are nice. Should you prefer the metro take the red line to Alameda and change to the green line. Once on the platform make sure you walk all the way to the front otherwise you will be forced to join the stampede of foreign tourists running along the platform to reach the wagons, a funny show, courtesy of the Metro administration. When in the city centre, drag your trolley uphill to your hotel or rented apartment. Make sure you arrive early in the morning or late at night and that the wheels in your trolley are loud enough. By waking up neighborhood you will have had your revenge for having to run like mad along the metro platform. Put on your sports shoes and walk out the door to the nearest café. Be a local and have an expresso, the best way to start the day. Three a day will keep you up and running and awake. Pastries are tempting and go well with it. Do not worry about the number of calories in each custard, you will lose them quickly going up and down the hills. I hope you have improved your French. You will need it to greet the French now living in the city centre. Be nice to your neighbor waving at you by the castle walls. He is here too with his family. And so is your boss, your schoolmates and your distant cousin. Grab a piece of paper and start counting the number of locals you have seen so far. Lisbon is a modern city and ladies with moustaches, men with army tattoos and children with rotten shoes are quite rare these days here, hence make sure you have your camera ready should by chance come across one. Restaurants and cafés serve lunch at affordable prices nearly everywhere. But you may wish to try also the new sensation in town – gourmet food courts. The Portuguese are very fond of shopping centres and spend a great deal of time in them. Probably with that in mind the city now offers a number of food courts in local markets and historic buildings operated mostly by kids from well-off families. Prices are higher in these places and the quality of the food is generally good, prepared by renowned chefs, a new phenomenon in the country – the country now has more chefs than tram drivers. Tram 28 is highly overrated. For your information I believe there are only half a dozen of them, hence put some sun block and get ready to wait for a while in the sun by the tram stop. If you are lucky enough to find a seat open the window and enjoy the breeze. Otherwise you will find yourself trapped and squeezed in a small tram whose final destination is a cemetery. No kidding. Once you get there visit The Cemetery of Pleasures, a curious name for the most beautiful graveyard in the city. Visit the residential neighborhoods and the local shops and restaurants where the attendants and waiters, contrary to Spain, will make the effort to speak you language. Book a table after 8. I know it is 7 P.M. and you are now thinking of dinner. But forget it. Take to a terrace and have a drink before that. Locals only go out for dinner at 9 and before that you will only find foreigners… and you neighbors. Fado is ok but it can be also a saddening bore. The melody is fine. As for the lyrics, thank God you don’t understand the words. If you do not wish to get depressed don’t have them translated. Buy shoes while you are here and the next time your boss tells you Italian shoes are better kick his royal ass with your fine leather shoes made in Portugal. Have a nice haircut. Hairdressers and barbers are now in full fashion in Lisbon. It’s a highly competitive sector and prices start at €4.5. Take to the beach. You probably didn’t realise but there are dozens of beaches around and it is fairly easy to reach them by bus, train or car. The water is not as warm as in the Mediterranean, but then again who wants to swim in a bowl of warm soup?! If you wish to stay know that there are lots of advantages for you: if you have half a million to spend we give you a golden visa and grant you the right to stay as long as you like.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

Soulwax’s sound and vision Bowie tribute

Soulwax, also known to the dance community as 2ManyDJs have released one of the best tributes to David Bowie so far. “Dave” is an incredible mix of sound and vision of the man’s songs, a great reminder and a fabulous introduction to Bowie’s songs for the generation of this new millennium.


David Bowie would have loved “Dave”, the tribute video and mix by Belgian band and DJs soulwax. In one hour the two DJs have managed to cleverly mix Bowie’s most iconic tracks from “Fame” to “All the Young dudes” taking us on a true journey through the sound of David Bowie. After doing a number of Bowie mashups in their gigs, they now released what is so far the best compilation mixing Bowie tracks making us take to the dancefloor. For those who know the man’s work this is a fabulous reminder of his body of work, a clever mix of songs featuring also some great remixes. “Let’s Dance” is one of the most striking examples: The remix adds some beats that remind of us of “I Feel Love” and by doing so they provided a true 21st Century Mix to that popular Bowie song. Transitions from track to track are once again a proof of these Belgian DJs’ talent. See the transition from “Fame” to “Starman” and then to “Always Crashing in the Same Car” or the transition from “Under Pressure” to the generation hymn “Heroes”. This mix, according to Soulwax, is “our homage to the man whose ability to change whilst remaining himself has been a massive influence on us. There are many legends in the music industry but for us, there is no greater than the mighty Dave. We’ve included all things Bowie, whether that is original songs, covers, backing vocals, production work or reworks we made, to attempt to give you the full scope of the man’s genius.”

dave - Soulwax Vision

Soulwax did not focus on the music alone. Considering David Bowie’s visual legacy they made a one hour film with model Hannelore Knuts in Thin White Luke-like attire who takes us through a one trip at the sound of Bowie’s songs. Directed by Wim Reygaert, the film leads the absolutely cool looking Hannelore through a hotel where she meets characters resembling to the likes of Iggy Pop, William S. Burroughs, Freddie Mercury or Tony Visconti. Clever tributes to the man should take into account both the sound and vision dimension of the man. That was particularly the case of LuxFrágil in Lisbon, a huge three-storey club where 2ManyDJs have played more than once, and that hosted a Bowie hommage party combining both elements: while a number of DJs played Bowie songs images compiled and mixed by José Pinheiro, one of Portugal’s best music video directors, were displayed to the delight of a crowd that cleverly dressed for the occasion. “Dave” is a true voyage through sound and vision, providing the right imagery to the man’s legacy, a document for you to retain and show your kids, friends and next of kin. A true tutorial to the work of David Bowie.

 Carlos Tomé Sousa

David Bowie – The Prettiest Star

bowie station to station

The world lost today the biggest artist of all times and everything you say will never be enough to describe the man we owe so much to.

Bowie has been in my life ever since I bought my first Bowie record at the age of 15 when I was living the town in Coimbra, Portugal – “The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”. I still remember the day, walking down that green avenue with tall trees. It was the late seventies, guitars still ruled the decade and his songs were just mind-blowing. I was fully into science fiction and his songs spoke of creatures from outer space. This is was just the beginning of a close relationship with the music and the imagery of that fascinating character. I used to play zero gravity games in preparatory school and months after I had discovered Ziggy I would meet Major Tom, a character floating in space in the most peculiar way. Two years later I became more interested in dance sounds and there he was, he had a record full of American soul and you just could not stop dancing to “Young Americans”. Bowie had also a close relationship with Berlin. My parents had moved recently to Germany and I was travelling often to that country. Planes were too expensive those days so I used to take the train and there I was listening to Bowie for two days. I used to get the train in Lisbon listening to “Hunky Dory”. Reading was an important element in these long journeys on the Sud-Express. I was pretty much into George Orwell and so was Bowie who had recorded “Diamond Dogs”, based on “1984”. Upon arriving In Paris I would take the train to Cologne, which reminded me of course of the track “Neuköln”.  Warsaw was the final destination of that train and I still retain the memory of listening to “Warzawa” crossing Belgium. I was 17 by then and “Heroes” was my hymn, “We can be heroes, just for one day”. Synthesizers and fashion were two of my major interests at the turn of the decade. While in Köln and Bonn “Low”, “Heroes” and “Lodger” were the perfect soundtracks for my long stays in Germany. Those were also the days of punk, I was into it and “Look back in anger” had the very same aggressive mood.

Bowie mime 2

At the beginning of the 80’s fashion took to the clubs. I was fully into the New Romantic movement when he released “Scary Monsters”. Ashes to Ashes featured Steve Strange on a video and it was just perfect, another great soundtrack for club nights when we used to, like Bowie himself, dress up, adopt a character. And I was fascinated with his mime, which he had learned with Lindsay Kemp. Hairdos were also extremely important those days and his orange hair in Station to Station was just about the right colour. “How do I want be remembered? Well I hope people will say ‘what a great hairstyle he had’!” he joked. In 1982 I moved to Lisbon and before leaving Coimbra i dyed some strands of my hair blond. It was the closest I was to a Bowie hairstyle, my hair closer to the polite hair of Bryan Ferry whom I saw live that year. I arrived in Lisbon on October that year and the city was booming and Bowie was there in the clubs too and that’s when I met two friends, Rui and Toni, who shared the same passion for Bowie and the same orange hair and hairdos. “Absolute Beginners” was the perfect song, it was the beginning of my life in this city. In these early years of the 80’s David Bowie reached worldwide audiences with “Let’s Dance”. It was Ok, but I preferred the previous Bowie whose lyrics I had learned by heart, the darker and more mysterious by this man who was somehow into black magic, who composed dense soundscapes, who had produced “The Idiot” by Iggy Pop” and “Transformer” by Lou Reed.

bowie paris

Bowie’s records kept piling in my room and despite the fact that they did not have the same intensity as before I listened a lot to “Tonight”. I fell in love at the sound of “God Only Knows”, a Beach Boys classic he raised to perfection. For every important stage in my life there was a Bowie song to go with it. And I knew he would surprise us again and be back to his avant-garde spirit and so he did when he invited Louise Lecavalier from the avant-garde dance group La La La Human Steps. Some of his records at the end of the 80’s and 90’s did not match his previous masterpieces. But by then my vault was full with Bowie sounds. I could always go back to “Time” and “Lady Grinning Soul”. I learned the opening sequence of Diamond Dogs, “Future Legend”, by heart and I was rock and rolling with him. And I had in the meantime found a number of pop stars who acted and sang a bit like Bowie, who had inherited his good taste and some of the mannerisms, people like Billy McKenzie from The Associates, Richard Butler from The Psychedelic Furs, Brett Anderson from Suede or Jarvis Cocker from Pulp In 1995, Bowie was back in force with “Outside”, produced again by another hero, Brian Eno, and I loved every little bit of it. “Strangers when we meet” was the perfect song from that record. In 2001, I had the pleasure of meeting him in New York at a cocktail party. Thre he was there, nice, smiling. We talked a bit and I was just fascinated. The man was not only a great artist but also a very nice person.

david-bowie heathen

In 2002 he released “Heathen” another great album and “Slip Away” a great song about friendship which I dedicate to my friends and to Bowie. A ten-year hiatus followed and the man did not release any record. But I had crammed so many things by him and I had a lot to see and hear. I had movies like “The man who fell to earth”, “Just a Gigolo”, “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. I had “Baal”, a record of Brecht songs, I had his version of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” narrated by him”, I had bought “Black Book” a book with pictures of him. And I had retained his sense of style. In recent years, like Bowe, I travelled often to Berlin to visit close friends. Everywhere I would go I would find something related to Bowie. The Wall described in “Heroes”, the neighborhood of Neuköln where my friends had moved to, Schöneberg where he used to live. I went to some of the bars he had been drinking and spoke to people who remembered him. And then he released an album “The Nex Day” which was a true trip back to Berlin. The man was following me as much as I was following him. In 2014 I had the chance to see “Bowie is”, an exhibition on Bowie and like today I cried so much that my face was wet. I was in a large room surrounded by sounds and images of the man who, since I was 15, had been there all along. I know all his songs by heart, I saw him live and I have always been eager and curious to find new things just like him. An important part of my life was in that exhibition room.

Bowie boy

I was awakened today with the sad news of his passing, two days after having released his new album with the opening line “Look at me I’m in heaven”. You are and the world will thank you forever for being such a great man, for having moved so many people. We do not have five years left to cry you. We will cry your death for all eternity and we are extremely thankful for the body of work you have left us. I absolutely love you, David Bowie.

Carlos Tomé Sousa