LaLaLa Human Steps is no more


It’s the end of one the most iconic contemporary dance companies in the world. The announcement was made today by its founder Edouard Lock.

Canada has just lost one of its most sound and prominent cultural products. Contemporary dance company LaLaLa Human Steps, formed in 1980 is no more, according to its founder Edouard Lock. “Its been an amazing journey full of outsized memories folded over decades”. But this adventure ends today he said as he announced his resignation as choreographer and artistic director of LaLaLa Human Steps.  “The last tour was a difficult one financially.  Though the debt was reduced substantially due to the generosity of many of our creditors, the cuts that followed and the decision not to guarantee more than the current year of subsidy has made it impossible to continue”, Edouard said. This decision and his resignation thus puts an end to 35 of remarkable choreographies and plays.

Formed in June 1980 LaLaLa Human Steps were of the most iconic dance companies in the world with their very particular styles and where acrobatics played a distinguishing role. Some may remember their famed plays, the fine synchronised movements in “Amelia” or the beautiful tale of love, sex and attraction in “Human Sex”, shows where the body was brought to new heights as if the body did have no limits, no frontiers. Choreographer Edouard Lock and dancer Louise Lecavalier were the main names behind LaLaLa Human Steps. David Bowie fans surely remember the great dancer’s performance with the man on “Look Back in Anger”. “One can redefine music through movement”, David Bowie said on this company. After having seen them performing “Human Sex” he would invite Edouard and Louise to create with him the choreography for one of his songs.


With this unexpected announcement the world thus loses the possibility to see more of this remarkable dance company work. In his letter send today Lock thanks all the theatres in the world where they perform and writes these hearfelt words to his dances: To the dancers, what can I say. Their dancing covered them in a mystery that only beauty at its most fragile deserves. To these dance artists who traced such a unique path through the years and who reached both into the work and out toward the seats in equal measure I offer my heartfelt gratitude.” We too we would like to express our gratitude to the LaLaLa Human Steps.

The most sensual band in the world

They are the world’s most sensual band ever. With a clever mix of electronica and dance beats, mellow voices and lyrics that point straight to your heart The Beloved managed to become Pop’s best cherished treasure.

It’s 1 a.m. and the room breathes love, laughter, hugs and a general sense of get togetherness prevails. “Let’s come together, right now, oh yeah, in sweet harmony” comes out of the speakers in that Lisbon club and a mellow bunch of boys and girls rejoice. It’s the 1990’s, love is in the air and they are having the time of their lives, fuelled by a general sense of joy, happiness and hedonism assisted by a soundtrack praising precisely that. “Sweet harmony” was the song causing such emotional havoc, a song retained in the memory of a generation who felt special and even more so at the sound of The Beloved, the band that helped turning this world a better place. “Conscience”  is the album containing this track, an record with a general feel good vibe. Released in 1993, it followed “Happiness” which came up three years before, a dance-oriented album featuring a number of highly successful dance tracks, from “Scarlet Beautiful” to “The Sun Rising” and the epic “Found”. Jon Marsh’s sensual voice was already there. But things would change after Steve Waddingston, one of the founders of the band, left the band and was replaced by Helena, Jon Marh’s wife. With Helena’s contribution the band’s sound gained an additional tone, the sound became mellower and “Conscience” was born. Featuring the couple’s voice on most tracks, the band would thus become the 90’s most sensual band.x

The symbiosis between the two was perfect and it would materialise three years after in yet another great record. “X”, the new album, came out in 1996 and its cover, as if we hadn’t realised it by then, fused Helena and Jon’s face, pointing to another record where both voices matched perfectly. The album begins with “Deliver me”, a song where the initial sad strophes give way to a general sense of well-being and open up to a number of tracks with hard beats and lyrics that do more to start or save your love life than prayer or counselling. If we were to choose a band that best encapsulates the sense of love and hedonism during the 90’s we would have to single out The Beloved.

Carlos Tomé Sousa

The man who fell to Earth twice


David Bowie is co-writing a stage show based on Nicolas Roeg’s “The Man Who Fell To Earth”, a movie where Bowie played part of an alien looking for water for his dying planet.

“Lazarus” is the name of a new stage version of the movie “The man who fell to Earth” currently being co-written by David Bowie himself. With this movie Bowie will resurrect the character of Jerome Newton, a humanoid in red hair played by the thin white duke. Directed by Nicolas Roeg in 1976 the movie tells the story of an alien who came to Earth looking for water for his dying planet but who dangerously falls for alcohol and television, a movie that somehow brings us to Bowie’s dangerous existence in the US before he moved to Berlin where he would quit some bad habits with the help of the improbable angel Iggy Pop. David Bowie will not perform, however in this version which is now being prepared and which artistic director of New York Theater Workshop, James C Nicola “It’s going to be a play with characters and songs – I’m calling it music theatre, but I don’t really know what it’s going to be like.

David Bowie will be pretty much involved in composing the music for this new version of “The man who fell to Earth” which did not feature his own songs in the first version. The songs contained in “Low” the first album of Bowie’s trilogy, were supposed to be included in the soundtrack. Despite forming the perfect soundtrack for a walk around a sieged and walled Berlin, Low’s songs like “Speed of Life”. “Always crashing in the same car”, “Art Decade” or “Weeping Wall” would have added much more to the dense atmosphere of Roeg’s movie. Expectations are therefore high as regards the music to be composed for this stage version of this 1976 movie to reach the stage in Winter 2015.

Game of Wines


“Wines of Westeroos” is the name of a new wine brand inspired in “Game of Thrones” and in the drinking habits of Tyrion Lannister, one of the most influential characters in this TV series.

Have you ever considered the possibility of opening a bottle of wine inspired in your favourite House and repective characters every time you watch an intense episode of Game of Thrones? As of now you can do it thanks to an Australian advertising company based in Sydney, that defines itself as strategically curious and creatively rebellious and whose creative minds came up with the idea of launching wines inspired in the houses of the most successful television series of recent times. Common Ventures is the name of the company and “Wines of Westeroos” the name of this wine brand that is making already furore, particularly among fans of this series now in its fourth season and which is an adaptation of the novels “A Song of Fire and Ice” by George R.R.Martin.


“As we sat glued to the show we had no idea that the character’s drinking habits were subconsciously effecting our own”. When they refer to drinking habits they mean particularly Tyrion Lannister, the midget with a huge part in Game of Thrones and remarkably played by Peter Dinklage, whose life in Westeroos has had so far more ups and downs than a rollercoaster and who would become  the main influence for Common Ventures in creating ‘Wines of Westeros’. “Each bottle reflects the personality of each house”, the company stated, explaining how they came up with the idea of creating “reds associated with the houses that are head strong and robust” and whites that are more “cunning, perceptive and mysterious”. Each bottle will be sold for 20 Australian dollars and the company intends to have them ready to be shipped and available worldwide next Winter when the new season of Game of Thrones is aired in the northern hemisphere. “This however will be dependant of how long it takes our ships to cross the Narrow sea,” the company added win a humorous tone.

Vogue Fashion Night Out Lisbon – Join the frenzy

Chiado3_Diogo_PintoOne day to go for another major bash and the mailboxes, both real and virtual are being swarmed by invitations for one the biggest events in the city involving more than 200 shops along with retailers, brands, customers and party animals. To get the most of the 4th edition of Vogue Fashion Night Out, draw a map and look for the events that appeal to you the most. Follow some of our suggestions and go for it.


 A good place to start you Vogue Fashion Night Out is the affluent and hype neighborhood of Principe Real where you can currently find the biggest concentration of good and edgy Portuguese design. This area of town is home to EmbaiXada, the brand new conceptual shopping gallery in town. Here you can find some of the most original products in Lisbon, mostly of Portuguese provenance, like MUU and other items selected by Linkstore; cork shoes, clothing and accessories at the Intemporal Store; or creations by Storytailors fashion designers. Use the opportunity and marvel at the wonderful view to the front garden and to the Botanic Garden in the back of the building.

carlosA couple of meters from EmbaiXada take to Real Slow Retail Concept Store and check this store’s items and the pop up event by Pois Selection, a venture by two French girls who fell in love with Portuguese products, selling them in pop-up events and in some Lisbon hotels and with plans to extend their offer to the online world. The event relies on the collaboration of Italian Motor Village who will give you the possibility to win a Shopping Day in Lisbon worth € 500 driven by a chauffeur. All you have to do is join three friends, take a photo with the new Lancia Ypsilon Fashion which will then be published in the Italian Motor Village’s Facebook. The prize goes to the photo gathering more “Likes”.

nuno gama

By the time you leave this place the presentation to the press at Amélie au Théâtre will be over and the general public can check the new surprise project by scent and grooming company 100ML “Por ti perco a cabeça”. While in this shop take the opportunity and check the selection of products from Portugal in this store with a French name. And since you are in that street check the work by some of the best Portuguese and Portugal-based designers like avant-garde jeweler Valentim Quaresma, who recently opened a temporary store in right next to the main street, and menswear fashion designer Nuno Gamma who celebrates in 2013 twenty years of a coherent career and for long a true reference in Portuguese fashion. Lidija Kolovrat and Alexandra Moura in Rua D. Pedro V are two of the places who do have to visit for their great shops featuring their own creations and work by carefully selected designers .


Take a short break from the crowds and take a deep breath before reaching Avenida da Liberdade, the Lisbon boulevard of luxury dreams and head to Forum Tivoli where Philosophie is preparing a big bash featuring a set by star DJ Diego Mirnada, a catwalk presentation and wine and vodka tasting, along with the possibility to buy a Missoni, Cheap Monday or Red Velentino dress and a pair of Repetto flats if you were unwise enough to bring your high heels and are now walking like a crippled. Just opposite, Be Code teamed up with Janela Urbana site and promises big animation too, amidst the shop’s selection of Patrizia Pepe or Twin Set. Some meters down the road, Hotel Fontecruz, a new party hotspot in Lisbon will be hosting Vogue’s Fashion Night Out official cocktail. Down  the Avenue and now that you are in the luxury haven of Lisbon take a look at Stivali, one of the best multibrand stores in town offering Dior or Dries van Noten just to name a few. And while in this avenie, do check Montblanc and you may have the opportunity to win of these remarkable pens. And when reaching the square Restauradores take to the magnificent Palácio Foz where Escola de Moda de Lisbon will be hosting a fashion show and the creations by its highly skilled students for the Spring/Summer 2014.


You are now downtown and you’d best walk up Chiado, another busy shopping mile. At Geox, blogger and fashion adviser Monica Lice is there to advise you on the most suitable shoes for you. Practically, next door admire the comprehensive offer of Swarowsky at the sound of Raquel Prates who will be the DJ that night. Cross the street and take to Levi’s store at Rua Ivens where you can try a Levi’s full look and who knows win the possibility to leave the store without having to pay for it. Walk up the street in the direction of the iconic café A Brasileira and check the shoes at Zillan temporary store featuring selected models by this Portuguese brand. And the best way to culminate this big shopping spree is to visit United Colors of Benetton on the other side of the street. This Italian brand teamed up with its creative offshoot Fabrica and Vogue and decorated the façade of the 4-storey building with sentences by Vogue writers stating what fashion is for them. This event will feature also a photo exhibition where some Vogue Portugal pictures will be reinterpreted with illustrations.


 If you survived the night and refrained from trying all the cocktails, there’s a lot to do in a September night in Lisbon. If you carrying dozens of bags and stumbling because you did not resist the drinks and the bargains, head home. There will be more next year as this world event is here to stay.